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Notice of Public Interest based on Public Interest Informer Protection Act

(1)What is public benefit reporting system?

As a part of compliance management, in order to prevent any violation of laws and regulations by executives and employees and to take appropriate measures, We have also established a public interest reporting system as a system that allows employees outside the company to report the facts of such violations directly to our counter.

(2)Outline of Public Interest Notification System

Who can report
By the provision of the public noticeholder protection system, we are regarded as workers of businesses engaged in our business based on direct contractual relationship with our company, such as our primary subcontractor workers. (The business owner of the business operator and workers such as subcontractors after the secondary will be excluded.)
Objects to be accepted for reporting
Acts that violate laws, laws, regulations, ministerial ordinances (regulations), ordinances concerning the work of our officers and employees (our directors, corporate auditors, executive officers, employees, temporary staff, dispatched employees, other temporary employees)
Those that are out of the scope for receiving notification
  1. Personal trouble
  2. Violation of personal life outside work etc.
  3. Those falling under slander / slander
  4. Aimed at exclusively profit of individuals
  5. Things that have poor concrete grounds
Method of reporting
  1. Please inform the following report window by telephone, mail or e-mail.
  2. In principle, we will not accept the name and contact information of the caller if we do not know it.
  3. If you have documentation or evidence to support the reporting facts, please submit / contact us at the time of reporting.
Protection of caller
Handling disadvantageous to the reporting person is prohibited. Information such as caller information, report contents, survey results, etc. are handled as confidential and are not used for purposes other than report processing.
Contact to the caller
When we decide whether to start investigation for the report we sent you, we will contact you from the window where we received the report. In addition, we may contact you for confirmation and investigation of facts to be reported, and we may ask you for details.
As for the survey results, we may not be able to contact you if there is a possibility of conflicting with privacy of individuals or falling under confidential business matters.

(3)Public interest report window

In addition to the internal window, we have established a law office as an outside window.

External organization
Ishii Law Firm
Means of reporting
E-mail taisei-group.helpline@ilo.gr.jp
Hotel Precede Koriyama Administration Manager
Means of reporting
Mail or E-mail
1)By Mail
(Letter of confidential handwriting)
12-2 Nakamachi, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture 963 - 8004 To Hotel President Koriyama management head, Inc.
2)By E-mail